• Image of "STAY GHEDDO" Serie Winter 2015

Cities getting posher day by day. Loosing
the mighty rough and edgy spots one
used to grow up at. New malls and
expensive apartment complexes popping
up everywhere. New spots to skate come
along, but also old spots one used to
skate or establishments one has heard
many rumors about, getting torn down.
Such as the "Sudfass ", Frankfurts most
famous hooker house or the so called
"Ghetto Spot" Frankfurts DIY-Spot only
naming two examples amongst many in
every city. Many times the „Ghetto Spot“
was told to be destroyed, but still it
exists. And with him a piece of rebellion
against the fast growing gentrification of
the cities. As a homage to this spot and
to all the others we tribute this series.

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